Will You Climb Or Chicken Out?

Welcome to Risky Chicken: a game of strategy, danger, trust and betrayal! Venture up the Golden Mountain in pursuit of gold coins. Choose either to press your luck or "Chicken Out." Figure out who you can really trust, and decide whether to keep your promises... or break them. Every game is full of laughter, negotiation, and gasps of surprise!

Risky Chicken is easy to learn and plays in 30-60 minutes. Players can experiment with many strategies, and the "Chicken Trick" cards fill each game with twists and turns. Risky Chicken is fun and intriguing for everyone, from casual players to serious gamers!

Risky Chicken Game Cards

Prisoner's Dilemma

"Sitting in my Game Theory class at Kenyon College, I found the 'Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma' to be a compelling concept, and I was struck with a board game idea. This game would put our greed for immediate satisfaction at odds with our need to make prudent choices. It would necessitate making, and sometimes breaking, promises. It would require players to weigh their cold, strategic calculations against the social pressure to be honest. This game would become Risky Chicken."

- Ben Reingold, Creator of Risky Chicken

Prisoner's Dilemma Board Game
Tabletop Board Game Risky Chicken

Here's What Players Are Saying

Risky Chicken is a very fun and entertaining game. It makes you think about who you can really trust out of your friends and family.

Risky Chicken is so clever and insanely fun! I get really into it when I play.

Think of Risky Chicken as a super simplified Diplomacy with the silliness of Exploding Kittens. You get the interpersonal negotiation aspects AND some great laughs!

Risky Chicken is super fun! It's a simple concept with fun gameplay.

Meet The Chickens

Chicken Trick Game Cards