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5 Good and 5 Bad Reasons to Buy Risky Chicken

5 Good and 5 Bad Reasons to Buy Risky Chicken

On the fence about Risky Chicken? Well, this should get you off that fence for good. Here are 10 reasons to buy Risky Chicken. 5 of them are good, and 5 are bad. But frankly, if any of them convince you, that’s good enough for us!


1)  The game art is awesome and quite funny, too. Lawrence Christmas did a wonderful job with our art. He created the beautiful Golden Mountain situated amongst majestic hills and greenery. And the Chicken Trick cards? They’re hilarious. 

Risky ChickenRisky Chicken Spring ChickenRisky Chicken IRS Chicken

2) You can use the game board as a frisbee. You can’t, really. It’s a rectangle with a fold in the middle. If you throw it like a frisbee, you’ll probably scratch it up. And catching it would hurt. But you can try.


3) It’s simple to learn, but the strategy can get deep. Three pages of the rulebook will teach you everything you need to know about Risky Chicken. Or you can watch our 9 minute instructional video. But despite the simplicity of the gameplay, Risky Chicken can have some pretty sophisticated strategy. You’re forced to weigh your short term interests against your long term plan. You have to decide: Who are my friends and who are my enemies? When is the right moment to use my trick or to boldly break a promise without fear of the consequences?

Risky Chicken

4) You can pretend the chickens are your pets. It’s a little weird. As lifelike as they may seem, the chickens can’t talk. They are inanimate. But if you want to feed them and snuggle with them at night, suit yourself. Maybe we’ll make plush toys one day.


5) The moments of drama, suspense, and shock. Risky Chicken can get intense. The moment before players reveal their Egg Cards after promising to Chicken Out, the nerves are flowing and everyone can’t wait to see the results. The reveal is usually followed either by either a sigh of relief or one VERY angry player. But hey, it’s just a game, and that’s all part of the fun! You also get some old-fashioned, high-stakes rolls of the die. 

Risky Chicken

6) You can use the die to play other games. Risky Chicken comes with a standard six-sided die. It is hardly the game’s most noteworthy feature. If you need a die, you should probably just buy a die. But you could also buy Risky Chicken and use that die.


7) Every game feels fresh and exciting. Partially due to the various Chicken Trick cards, each game has a different strategic dynamic from the last. Players’ options change based on which Chicken Trick cards are in the game. Aside from that, every game just feels unique because players can experiment with different strategic options, and the luck aspect of the game can create some pretty memorable moments, too.

Risky Chicken

8) You want to steal our idea. Wait, don’t do that. Who let this make the list? Please don’t do that. We have intellectual property protection. It’s just gonna be a pain for both of us.


9) The game is versatile. Groups of friends love to play Risky Chicken, and so do families with older kids. You can play it with your best friends or use it as an icebreaker with a new group. As long as everyone remembers that it’s just a game, you’ll have a blast. (By the way, this photo is from an early pen & paper playtest!)

Risky Chicken

10) You’re grocery shopping. Risky Chicken is friends, not food. Don’t be fooled by the “100% free range” notice on our game box. It’s a joke. No part of our board game is edible. But you’re welcome to bake some cookies with our logo (and send us some.)


So, are you convinced? Email and let us know which reason spoke to you most!