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Your Favorite Games During Quarantine

Your Favorite Games During Quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted each of us in unique ways. We send our best wishes to all who are sick with the virus or who have fallen on economic hard times.

A lot of us have found ourselves with more free time than usual. Many are using that time to play their favorite games, both old and new. We believe that games are so much more than a means of passing the time; they’re a tool to bring us closer with our friends and family. People have been playing physical games to bond with members of their households and virtual/online games to connect with those they can’t see in person.

While we can’t offer our own games quite yet, we were wondering: what games have you been playing during quarantine to have fun and connect with loved ones?

If you have any games that you’ve enjoyed playing over the last couple of months, we’d like to feature them in this article! We will continue adding as we receive your responses. Post your response in the comments or email it to We look forward to hearing from you!


Ben Reingold: I’ve really enjoyed playing two particular games with friends while video chatting over Zoom: Psych and Quiplash. Psych is an app and Quiplash, an online game from Jackbox Games. Both games require players to answer fun questions in witty and clever ways, and players earn points based on how many votes their answers receive from other players. These games have been a great way to laugh and reminisce with friends who are, in my case, so close yet so far away. 

I’ve also enjoyed playing a game called Barrier Battles created by another Chicago-area game company. It’s a really unique combination of physical skill and mental strategy. It's like a cool combination of chess, billiards, and Battleship.

I’ve also been coming up with ideas for my own games, something I encourage others to do as well!

Jon Hammond: Board games have really been helping our family stay happy (and sane) during the quarantine! My dad and I broke out Diplomacy, an old strategy game from back when he was in college, and it’s been a blast!


Meryl Rudy: I’ve been playing a ton of Quiplash with my friends over Zoom! Within our household, though, charades has been a big hit! Games are what keep our groups together when we’re far apart & our family lighthearted in our home!


Jacob Miller: I’ve been giving Minecraft a try. Everyone around me played it growing up but I never thought I’d enter the highly pixelated wonderland myself... maybe it’s because it’s a simulation of outside activities, or because I’m able to ‘meet up’ with friends to play and plan (with the help of discord), but it’s been a great distraction from the passive quarantine lifestyle.


Becca Foley: My family and I have very much enjoyed doing puzzles together. We also enjoy a board came called Ingenious over dinner most nights. It’s important to keep your mind active and distracted during this time with games and other things you enjoy!


Shannon Long:  My parents and I have played Monopoly and poker with quarters. I play Words with Friends on Facebook as well as Quiz Planet.


Zach Sclar: I’ve been playing Scrabble and Ticket to Ride with my family during quarantine. They have been great outlets to relax, hangout, and use our brains a little bit before bed. Board games have been a great way for us all to bond and pass the time! 


Ariella Denitz:  My husband and I have played Backgammon daily since getting married six years ago. (I won’t say who usually wins…) We also like Monopoly and have been playing a lot more since buying the “speed die” version which speeds things up and makes a full game a lot more feasible… I love Bananagrams and Boggle but haven’t found a good online or apps version. I have also rediscovered and I absolutely love their trivia quizzes! Ben, we can’t wait for your game to come out!